La Mer

This project aims to develop a luxury marketing strategy for La Mer, specifically during the Summer season. By creating goals and objectives, and doing a thorough internal and external analysis, it was possible to understand the challenges and opportunities faced, and how to develop the ideal marketing strategy for La Mer.
After developing the overall plan for the seasonal pop-up store, the executional and financial plan were created. The executional plan was centered around having social media posts, the in-store event, and the pop-up store all being done in a timely manner to create the most traction for the brand. In addition, the financial plan was created with the intent to understand if this pop-up store would be profitable for La Mer. Overall, the marketing strategy is expected to bring profitable results through the initiatives to create an engaging Summer pop-up for consumers to enjoy.

Academic project​​​​​​​
ANO/YEAR: 2022
Location: Atlanta, USA

Camilla Velloso

Marketing Strategy, Visual Narrative, Branding

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